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Growing up with a love for drawing in painting, I knew that art and design would become a large part of my life in one way or another. I really found my passion for print design through attending Columbia College Chicago and connecting with professors and fellow creatives. I would describe my overall style as simple and modern, with a big emphasis on typography.

My passion lies in working with companies or entrepreneurs to build and maintain their brand identity. Throughout my college education I worked on a lot of different rebranding and campaign projects built my confidence in creating and follow branding manuals and branded marketing materials. The newspaper publication, The Chronicle, played a large part of my learning process of being a leader, and working with a large team. I was a graphic design for two semesters and later got promoted to the Creative Director where I was able to manage and encourage. a team of designers, as well as create award-winning page designs and marketing materials. Working in the freelance world in jobs related to design, marketing, web design and social media/digital strategy since then has been exciting and fulfilling and have shaped me into the designer and leader that I am today. 

In my free time, I love to practice and teach yoga which helps me to prioritize mindfulness and conscious communication in the workplace. Let's work together!

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